Why do we deserve to be praised?

International Women’s Day and I see affirmative actions, texts full of heart, gratitude and recognition about the importance of the day and of women and I think about my roles.

I have several different roles, like all of us, some that I don’t even like. I always remember when a boss told me that I wouldn’t be able to be a boss and be loved by the team so I promised myself that I would prove him wrong.

There were people who didn’t respect me, who silenced me, who sabotaged me and who just didn’t care but I always tried to stay true to myself. I did what I believed it was right, resisted when I could and gave in when I saw it was just a battle in the face of war.

During these 43 years as a woman in a world that strives to classify you, lately, I find myself making no effort to fit in. I no longer feel obliged please everyone so that people would forget the opinions they might have against me.

We did not just blossom, we are a mix and match of all the examples we had, the books we read, artists we admire, songs that we sing in full force, places we went to and lessons we learned. I like us just the way we are.

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