My family always made sure to surround me with books and I was always reading, from cereal labels to literally anything that had printed words on.
Brazilian, American, English, Chilean, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian or French authors, if I enjoyed the blurb, and it was age appropriate, I read it. And read so much that some of my feeling ended up spilling words into blank pages but that story is for another post.

At the end of 2018 I had a burnout and I couldn´t even read an e-mail and that wrecked me so much that I gave up my master’s degree (even with all the research being ready) and started therapy.

While I was on sick leave, I started playing a choose your own story gameplay app and listening to the Read Me Romance Podcast. I end up discovering that several of the stories were based on romance books and I found the Romancelandia and Kindle Unlimited.

On August, 2019 I created the Instagram page An Epilogue a Day to review books and audiobooks and to log my readings but my desire to create a content beyond the reviews transformed the profile into something much bigger. At the beginning of 2021, I decided to start talking all things romance and to try to help people to read more and picking their next romance book or audiobook, meet new authors, narrators and everything romance.