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Swiping Right – Starlight Bay Series

Swiping Right (man of the Month Club February) is the second book of the Starlight Bay Series and Poppy Parkes made an insta-love on this time of dating apps possible and believable. Loved this book! Dariel and Darcy are so sweet together that they melted my heart. Dariel is a nurse who made me swoon with his murmurs in her […]

Why do we deserve to be praised?

International Women’s Day and I see affirmative actions, texts full of heart, gratitude and recognition about the importance of the day and of women and I think about my roles. I have several different roles, like all of us, some that I don’t even like. I always remember when a boss told me that I wouldn’t be able to be […]

Saturday Gallery – Tania Eby

I started following the Blunder_Woman on twitter on 2020 because I really enjoyed her comments. One day, she posted about her book Sweet and Sorrow so I bought the audiobook and was surprised by a story full of laughs and tears that used delicious recipes as a metaphor for her feelings and I became even more of a fan. I […]

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Jenna is a creative and fun girl getting a ride home with Thorne, a gruff truck driver and her older brother’s best friend. The interactions are fun and light and sometimes you end up smiling along the lines of the story. A fast reading with little drama and a lovely happily ever after.

The Friday Night Date Dress

The Friday Night Date Dress by @talenawinters is a gut wrenching love story. Melinda is a waitress that designs her own dresses every night as a kind of therapy to face a huge amount of loss. Peter is a wanna be photographer that is intrigued by Melinda when his sister pushed them to work together. A slow-burn clean romance where […]

The Mists of Avalon

This is a scene where Lancelot admits fearing women that doesn’t cry, and preferring the vulnerability of a woman who weeps. Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley was a turning point for my teenage self. With this book I learned that I could be strong enough to own my choices. Has any book represented so much to you growing […]

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my website! I don’t know how you ended up here but I am glad that you did. I will be posting new content everyday and I will also bring some of my Instagram content, specially the book series that I reviewed to the website so it will be easier for you to find the reviews by author, by […]